Invention makers in Canada and the US Celebrate EWeek 2021

Celebrating National Engineers Week 2021!

MAKO Design + Invent – February 24, 2021

One of the ways we say thank you to our engineers and invention makers in Canada and the US is by celebrating the annual National Engineers Week! This year’s celebrations take place from February 21-27! This week-long celebration started way back in 1951 by the NSPE (National Society of Professional Engineers). National Engineers Week, EWeek for short, is a show of appreciation to the contributions that our engineers make to better our country and the importance of STEM disciplines.

You might be wondering, why does EWeek always fall around this time every year? Because it’s always held in the same week as George Washington’s birthday. Indeed, EWeek first started to celebrate President Washington; famously accepted as our nation’s very first engineer as a land surveyor. 

This year’s theme is “Imagining Tomorrow.”

EWeek 2021: Imagining Tomorrow

Invention makers in Canada and US celebrating EWeek.

With the increased availability of COVID-19 vaccines, we’re starting to look towards positive changes in a post-COVID world. In truth, engineers and invention makers in Canada and the US are one of the drivers of that change.

When we imagine tomorrow, we’re thinking about opportunities to improve the world we live in today and for the future. Engineers are and forever will be at the forefront of these improvements. So for this year’s EWeek, NSPE scheduled daily programs for students, parents, and community leaders alike. Each of these programs is designed to teach and inspire future engineers. Not only to make our world a better place today but for generations to come.

Starting on Monday, NSPE leaders hosted the Future of Engineering webinar. The purpose was to discuss the future of engineering and this ongoing pandemic and other circumstances impact our field. On Tuesday, industry experts shared their experiences at the Creating Inclusive STEM Experiences webinar. While STEM is becoming more inclusive, these experts shared what they wished their role models knew when they were growing up. The goal? To find what role we can play to help our children feel more welcome to build a STEM identity.

Although we’re a couple of days in already, it’s not too late to get in on the action! Here are the upcoming events for the rest of the week. 

Online EWeek Programs for Engineers and invention makers in Canada and the US

Wednesday, February 24
Virtual Federal Engineer of the Year Award Ceremony
This award recognizes technical excellence, publications, leadership, and community service. Agencies that employ 50 or more professional engineers worldwide may nominate a federal engineer for this award. From this list, the top 10 nominees attend the awards ceremony where one winner will receive this prestigious award.

Thursday, February 25
Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day
Recognized globally, Girl Day is a campaign to encourage and inspire girls to get interested in engineering fields. Specifically, through problem-solving engineering activities, role models around the world are playing an active part to get girls excited about STEM. Above all, education and participation are key elements of Girl Day. Because the goal is to empower girls so can build their confidence to create a STEM identity.

Friday, February 
Trivia Hour Networking Event
What better way for engineers and invention makers in Canada and the US to wind down a week of celebrations than Trivia. Test your knowledge in a variety of topics ranging from general music to science to sports and more! Team up with other NSPE members or play against in an online Zoom competition. This one-hour event will have three question rounds and two bonus visual worksheets.

Don’t forget, March 4th is coming up soon – World Engineering Day is just around the corner!

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