Canadian Invention Makers and Engineers! It's World Engineering Day!

Mar. 4 is World Engineering Day! Catch the Live Stream Event at 1:00 PM CET

MAKO Design + Invent – March 2, 2021

Canadian invention makers and engineers are often the trailblazers who advance our cities and communities towards a better future. Globally, engineers are vital to achieving shared objectives to better the world for everyone. Whether it’s food, water, climate, energy or infrastructure, we as a species have a stake in all of these areas. And engineers at the forefront of finding new and better solutions. 

Founded in 1968, the WFEO (World Federation of Engineering Organizations) is an internationally recognized NGO. They represent and lead the engineering field worldwide – including many Canadian invention makers and engineers. Currently, they represent more than 30 million professionals from 100 nations. To recognize engineers around the world, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizations) passed a motion in April 2019 to mark March 4th as World Engineering Day.

World Engineering Day 2021

World Engineering Day

On World Engineering Day, we raise awareness to the public about the efforts and contributions of engineers from around the world.

At the local level, Canadian invention makers and engineers help create new innovations for our day-to-day lives. Mako Design is here to specifically help these local small businesses, startups and inventors achieve just that. Take for example the CarGenerator, a portable waterproof back generator that’s powered by your car. Or the Kharaband, battery extender band for your smartwatch. Near the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we also reached to communities and offer our support. In fact, we partnered with 3DPPGTHA to help provide equipment to clinics and frontline workers in Toronto. These are some of the great examples of how Mako Design engineers product ideas that improve the lives of Canadians.

At the global level, the goal is to ensure our world is cleaner, smarter and sustainable. Indeed, engineers help build solutions for clean water, sanitation systems, and affordable energy. Looking towards the future, engineers will bring about new developments in AI and IoT to reinvent how we live in the world of tomorrow. Indeed, it’s amazing to think about the tremendous value that Canadian invention makers and engineers bring to our society.

Canadian invention makers and engineers watching webinar.

How Canadian Invention Makers and Engineers Can Participate

Be sure to catch the main event live at 1:00 PM CET. You can register here.

Canadian invention makers and engineers can watch experts as they present and discuss the Report on Engineering for Sustainable Development. At the webinar, they’ll share how engineers help meet UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Above all, the purpose of these goals is to achieve economic prosperity, social inclusion and environmental sustainability. More specifically, the UN plans to launch infrastructure projects including roads, dams, waste management and water supply to those who need it the most. Completing these enormous projects requires the combined talent and expertise of engineers from around the world.

Along with the main event, Canadian invention makers and engineers can watch other great World Engineering Day webinars on the following days.

Here’s the full schedule:

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