Young Invention Makers in Canada Celebrate National Engineering Month!

Canada Celebrates National Engineering Month 2021 in March

MAKO Design + Invent – March 9, 2021

The engineering celebrations just keep coming! A few weeks ago we celebrated National Engineers Week in the United States. Soon after on March 4th, we joined the rest of the world in celebrating World Engineering Day. During all of March, we’ll also be celebrating Canada’s National Engineering Month (NEM) with our neighbors in the north. Like World Engineering Day and National Engineers Week, Canada’s celebration also recognizes the contributions of engineers and aims to educate young invention makers in Canada about the value of STEM fields.

Aspiring engineer doing math on a whiteboard.

NEM was created by Engineers Canada and revolves around the theme “There’s a place for you in engineering.” Consequently, there is a focus on inclusivity, diversity, and accessibility. So throughout the month, parents, teachers, students have the opportunity to attend dozens of events to learn about the field of engineering. Engineers and industry professionals volunteer their time to share their stories and help guide young invention makers in Canada to find what engineering disciplines potentially fit their interests and skillsets. In fact, NEM even offers fun quizzes to help you discover what discipline might be the best fit for you!

National Engineering Month Events

This year, engineers and invention makers in Canada can look forward to virtual Zoom panel discussions and workshops, to networking events with different themes every week. Click here for the full schedule.

  • 01-05 March: Working with interdisciplinary professions.
  • 08-12 March: Equity, diversity, and inclusion.
  • 15-19 March: Focusing on the next generation of engineers.
  • 22-26 March: Ethics, engineering, and the social impact of technology.
Young invention makers in Canada.

For the younger invention makers in Canada, kids can participate in interactive engineering activities. Kindergarteners and children up to grade eight can go on a Scavenger Hunt to learn about geoscience and engineering. Or they can also play with the Chart Your Course tool to learn how their interests align with engineering disciplines! Those in grades six to eight should take a look at the Future City Competition and Engineering Design Challenges. Then what about college students? For those who are part of Ryerson’s Zone Learning, we got you covered! Every year we award a $10,500 grant to the winner of the MAKO Student Innovation Award!

To continue down the path towards a better world, it’s celebrations like these that continually spark the interest of future engineers and young invention makers in Canada. Because from climate change to infrastructure to IoT, engineers are at the center of the solutions.

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