Water Bottle Invention Design: memobottle Flat Reusable Water Bottles

memobottle: Slim Water Bottles that Fit Almost Anywhere

MAKO Design + Invent – September 9, 2021

Every year we throw billions of plastic water bottles away. Only one in six end up recycled. Even worse, is almost 80 percent of these non-biodegradable water battles fill up our landfills. That’s about two million tons of plastic to put it into perspective. To help combat this, many of us try to bring reusable water bottles to minimize unnecessary wastage. Some reusable water bottles even have added benefits. For example, aluminum water bottles help keep water cold and refreshing longer than a plastic bottle ever could. But the reality is that sometimes these water bottles are not particularly convenient to bring around. The memobottle sustainable water bottle invention design solves these problems.

memobottle sustainable water bottle invention design.

memobottle: Flat Water Bottle Invention Design

Your wallet, phone, laptops are all convenient to bring around because they fit in your pockets or bags with ease. What do all of these products have in common? They’re flat. Imagine if we could do the same with water bottles.

The team at memobottle identified the fact that the shape of typical water bottles made it naturally difficult to bring around. In response, they created a premium, reusable water bottle that was flat. This one simple innovation allows you to bring your water in a way you normally couldn’t before. It sits flat against your textbooks, laptops, notebooks, and everything else you’re carrying on a daily basis. No longer do you need to waste your morning minutes trying to figure out how you’re going to fit everything in your bag like a bad game of Tetris. 

Even when you’re not carrying a backpack or messenger bag, you’re still good. Their A6 and A7 models are designed to fit your pockets, clutch, handbag, and everywhere else a normal water bottle wouldn’t be able to fit. 

Not only are they addressing the issue of pollution with their great product, but they’re also a supporter of water.org. Thus, with every memobottle sold, they help provide one person access to clean water for two months. So far, they’ve already helped seven million people in need. 

memobottle models

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