Floating Backpack Invention Design: HoverGlide Sliding Backpack

HoverGlide: The Backpack that Helps Reduce the Force on Your Knees

MAKO Design + Invent – October 12, 2021

Honestly, if you saw someone running with one of these backpacks, I think it’s one of the few times that it would be appropriate to stare. The only similar products that come to mind are video camera stabilizers and gimbals. In any case, HoverGlide invented this unique floating backpack invention design to help reduce the impact on your knees. They’re also the first to do it. Originally launched on Kickstarter three years ago, this product has certainly come a long way – here’s their story.

HoverGlide | The World’s First Floating Backpack

When you’re wearing a backpack that holds 50 lbs of gear while stationary, there are 50 lbs of force exerted. However, if you’re running or walking with that very same backpack, then the force exerted on you multiplies because of the downward velocity. This force can cause significant damage to your knees and back and knees.

HoverGlide aims to solve this problem by ensuring the “pack” part of the backpack remains stationary even while you’re walking or running. They achieve this by dividing their backpack into two parts. The first part is the shoulder and waist straps, and half the frame to secure the entire floating backpack invention design. The second part includes the remaining part of the frame and, of course, the part of the backpack that holds all of your belongings. As you walk or run, only you and the frame attached to you will bob up and down. The backpack itself slides along the frame, staying at a stationary height so you don’t feel as much of that extra force on your body. Thus, it looks like the backpack is floating.

With this floating backpack invention design, HoverGlide learned that they could reduce the impact forces by 86 percent. Thereby reducing the amount of energy required to walk or run with your backpack and limit the likelihood of injuries on your knees, back, and neck.

Rugged and durable, the HoverGlide comes in different models for a fit and backpack capacity to suit your needs. Whether it’s for school or the great outdoors, you can get your floating backpack invention design here.

HoverGlide Floating backpack invention design

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