Gym Invention Design in Canada: MAKO's Must-Have 2021 Gym Products

MAKO Top Picks For Things You Absolutely Need to Keep in Your Gym Bag in 2021

MAKO Design + Invent – October 20, 2021

You know when you sign up for the gym for the first time and they give you a bunch of branded stuff like a water bottle, shirt, or a giant gym bag? I remember my first time going to the gym wondering why I needed such a big bag just for a workout shirt, kicks, and a towel. I quickly learned there’s a lot of things we need to bring to the gym. And when it comes to gym invention design in Canada, here are MAKO’s favorites.

gym invention design in Canada: Performa Combination Lock

Performa Combination Lock

Whether it’s your wallet, keys, phone, or all of the above, you want the peace of mind that your valuables are safe and secure so you can focus and give 100 percent while you’re working out. Our client’s gym invention design available both in the US and Canada, the Performa Combination Lock, delivers just that. The chrome-plated shackle and ultra-premium casing helps ensure that your lock is built to last. It also features a four-digit dial combination that’s easy to set and reset. Compact enough to fit almost every locker and strong enough to stand up against just about everything you throw at it.

Dose Locker Supplement Funnel

Dose Locker Supplement Funnel

Parents, does this look familiar to you? Many new parents would probably agree that this gym invention design could actually work in our recent MAKO’s favorite baby invention design blog. Indeed, parents will recognize this useful invention to easily make formula when they’re taking their baby out for a stroll. For gym rats, it works almost the same way. Simply open the wider end and scoop up to 50 grams of your favorite supplement powder. When you’re ready to make your shake, open the narrow end directly into your bottle. This gym invention is the cleanest and easiest way to make a shake on the go.

Gear Halo Deodorizer Pods

Gear Halo Deodorizer Pods

Just like there’s no pleasure without pain, no gains without stink. Sweat sticks everywhere. Yes, even your gym bag. So if you’re interested in freshening up your workout routine, these bag deodorizers are perfect for you. And it’s all thanks to their SilverACTIV technology. Their unique technology creates a low moisture environment in your bag to help prevent the growth of mold while helping your bag smell clean. Just how strong is this gym invention design? Well, they’re trusted by NHL pros from Jets, Oilers, Leafs, and more!

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