Cat Invention Design Idea? 3 Things Every Inventor Needs to Know First

3 Things You Need to Know Before Making a Cat Invention Design

MAKO Design + Invent – November 9, 2021

Unlike dogs, our feline friends tend to be quite sensitive. Whether it’s choosing a spot to sleep, the toys they play with or when you may or may not pet them, it’s can be a love-hate relationship with them at times. Yet, we still want to spoil them with treats and love. Sometimes that means buying them the latest cat-friendly gadget or even maybe invent one yourself! For those who fall in the latter category here are the three things you need to know before making a cat invention design.

Cat invention design: PetBot

1. Don’t make it intimidating.

Take our client’s PetBot for example. While packed with features to ensure you can connect with your cat even when you’re miles away from home, the PetBot comes in a compact, cute and welcoming package. That way, when you’re introducing the PetBot to your pet for the first time, it’s less likely they’ll be intimidated by the size of the cat invention design. In addition, careful consideration was made to the power of the motor for the treat dispenser. Located near the bottom of the PetBot, the dispenser ejects treats very gently as to not surprise or scare your cat. A high-tech yet brilliantly simple design that blends perfectly with your home without disrupting your cat routine!

2. Simplicity is key.

Cat oral care invention designs seem to have boomed in popularity. On Chewy alone, they have over 10 different brands of cat toothbrushes. What do these cat toothbrush inventions have in common? In general, they all resemble typical toothbrushes that you and I use – a simple design that almost everyone can understand. Some come double-ended with smaller and larger heads to accommodate cats of all sizes. Other toothbrush cat invention designs slip on your finger so you can get to the harder-to-reach spots like under the gums or near the molars. If you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, you’ll be surprised how small improvements to existing designs can result in big changes.

3. Take cat habits into consideration.

For example, cats seem to love sitting by windows. What might be boring to us, is quite stimulating and entertaining for cats. Thus cat towers or cat beds might not get much attention from your furry friend unless these products are placed by a window. To solve this problem, some have created a window perch cat invention design. Like this one from K&H Pet Products. They’ve provided an elegant solution to this problem. The machine-washable shelf is attached to a secure suction mounting mechanism. Simply press and turn the suction cups to secure the window perch. It even folds up when you’re not using it! 

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