Packhopper by Rover Tennis

Packhopper by Rover Tennis

The World’s First Portable Public Transportation Cup Holder for Trains Buses.

Mako’s Involvement:  Rover Tennis came to Mako with the great idea of using a multi-function tennis ball bag to pick up the balls automatically, be worn as a backpack or rolled, and have extendible legs so that you can easy grab tennis balls to practice, all while with a modern and sleek visual design.  Lots of touch challenges, but the Mako team was up to the task.  We did research, sketching, CAD design, mechanical engineering, prototpying, and production, as well as providing a wealth of strategic advice to the client regarding crowdfunding, patenting, product strategy, timing, and more.  Huge congrats to a big win for the client as they fully funded their Kickstarter campaign, and are now working to distribute the product worldwide.

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