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Whether your invention needs a captivating touchscreen interface, sensors that respond in fractions of a millisecond, robust IoT connectivity, or anything in between, we will build it. MAKO’s team has decades of experience providing electrical engineering services to seamlessly integrate electrical systems and components. What you get is precision engineering. What your customers get is an intuitive and effortless experience that they’ll claim is magic.

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What is Electrical
Engineering Services?

Electrical engineering is the diverse application of electricity to power inventions or to control the transmission of information to and from various sources. Naturally, this broad field of engineering often overlaps with other disciplines, such as mechanical engineering services, depending on the requirements of the invention.

Electricity is what powers the future and helps us solve the problems of tomorrow. Every day, innovators find new and exciting ways to integrate wireless and connected devices in our lives to help us achieve things with greater ease or in ways that we never thought possible. And these seamless experiences are largely thanks to the electrical engineers who design and develop systems with printed circuit boards (PCB), sensors, Wi-Fi, batteries, and controls that breathe life into these devices.

Electrical Engineering Services

MAKO’s end-to-end electrical engineering capabilities include the following services below and more. Have a question about these services? Feel free to contact us with your electrical engineering inquiries.

  • PCB design
  • Firmware development,
  • Radio frequency (RF) systems,
  • Telecommunications systems
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth integration
  • Passive and active sensors
  • Signal processing
  • Touchscreens and displays
Electrical Engineer

How Electrical Engineering Companies Work: Our Process

Before we start engineering your invention, we’ll help you determine if your invention requires electrical engineering. Not because it’s a question of mechanical vs. electrical engineering services, but because not every great invention needs electronics. Many of the best textile and household products don’t have any electrical components to them. But if your invention does require electrical engineering, it’ll be part of the product design services process from the very beginning.

MAKO’s industrial designers, mechanical engineers, and electrical engineers work in lockstep while collaborating with you the whole way. Leveraging the power of computer-aided design (CAD), our designers and engineers work together to build digital versions of the schematics, circuits, and other electrical systems from visual design to engineering.

We then simulate how your electrical product functions when taking into account the housing, aesthetics, mechanics, and other variables to optimize a refined CAD that is fine-tuned to your preferences. This refined CAD is the final digital representation of your entire product, inside and out. It’s the key step we recommend before exploring our patent referral services and prototype development services. Because the more refined your CAD is, the smoother the manufacturing run.

Rough Sketch



An iterative and creative design process with the objective of visually communicating each of the inventor’s product features inside their overall visual design of the product as a whole. Together with our design and engineering teams, you and MAKO will evaluate these individual parts and the overall design theme to ensure the user experience, functionality, and aesthetics are aligned with your product vision and business objectives. This sketch phase, although rough, is a very powerful way of bringing together a number of highly intelligent minds to find the best draft solution for your product.

Refined Sketch



Based on the rough sketches and ideation prior, the refined product sketch phase puts together all of the pieces and the overall design language into one product sketch. This allows our designers, engineering team, and the inventor time to deeply reflect on the product as a whole and make any final edits or adjustments before going into the next CAD Design phase. Since edits are relatively quick in the sketching phase, it’s best to use these phases to make any adjustments before getting into the heavy lifting work of subsequent CAD design, engineering, and prototyping phases.

Concept CAD



The CAD design phase is taking the refined sketch from above and then using state-of-the-art 3D CAD software to build the initial conceptual CAD design of your product. Even though this is just conceptual at this point, at MAKO, we start the building of these models with full manufacturing-grade top-of-the-line software such as Solidworks Premier or Fusion360. This requires more technical expertise; however, it makes the design and engineering process far smoother, and far easier to jump into manufacturing (and creates far more product value in the design along the way). Also, we’ve curated a library of components and experience from over 1,000 product designs, all developed in-house, so we’re extremely efficient and effective at 3D CAD Design as it is the key part of the mechanical and electrical engineering services process.

Simulation Analysis



The question we’re trying to answer here is: “Can we make it better and more cost-efficient?” This phase is all about identifying the limitations and improvement opportunities through rigorous 3D virtual simulations of the product in various static and dynamic settings. For electrical engineers, they can simulate the type of wiring, voltage, and heat output depending on how much electricity is required to power the component or device. Identifying these critical electrical engineering elements is the key to building functional prototypes, reliable manufacturing runs, and getting your ideal version of the product in your customers’ hands.




The purpose of the CAD is to confirm that the product design is feasible and functional from a virtual perspective. The product prototyping phase gives you the opportunity to hold and use a tangible product to learn how the product looks and functions in the real world. Prototyping also gives you the opportunity to refine and perfect the final design to minimize costs and risks before going to full production. Whether it’s iterative, parallel, rapid prototyping, or our very own Smart MVP process, our prototyping processes are designed to help ensure you’re ready for user testing, investment pitches, crowdfunding, and everything in between.

How MAKO’s Electrical Engineering Services
Company Can Build Your Business


Supercharge your device with an all-day battery. Marvel as your IoT invention integrates seamlessly with the rest of your smart home. Or simplify the lives of others with a simple swipe or tap on a touchscreen. Whatever your vision, MAKO’s here to transform your idea into a reliable, safe, and functional product. A product designed to make your customers say, “Whoa.”



MAKO has a deep history of working with next-gen and cutting-edge technologies. Our commitment to creativity and experimentation has attracted some of the best and brightest electrical engineers from Dell, Nike, Bose, Boeing, and even government-level defense divisions. We’re privileged to be at the forefront of innovation and our team can’t wait to help you shape the future.



We excel at helping our clients understand complex and highly-technical aspects of the end-to-end engineering process in simple terms. Because even without a technical background, you deserve to be confident in every choice you make as we collaborate and grow your idea into a beautifully manufactured product.


Electrical Engineering Services Tailored for You

MAKO Design has spent over 20 years creating, testing, refining, and perfecting the electrical engineering process required to create global caliber products, specifically for startups, small manufacturers, home inventors, & eCommerce brands. Through our intense focus specifically on product design for small businesses, we ensure perfect alignment with your product vision and help you succeed in every way. Our product design services are tailored to designing your product to a modern and top-tier caliber while also being able to execute quickly and efficiently, all at small business budgets. We created this product development niche back in 1999, and we’re still leading it today focusing on that same business model over 20 years later.


Whether you’re an early-stage startup or getting ready to scale, we’re here to transform your idea into a product design to help you disrupt the existing market, along with the many product market connections you’ll need along the way. MAKO is your one-stop-shop for it all, in addition to connecting our clients with some of the industry’s leading players in the hardware startup space.


We are the original product design services firm tailored to small product businesses, so why not work with the best for your next big product? Whether designing something completely new, revitalizing your existing products, or improving something that already exists, MAKO provides world-class design at small business pricing and timelines.


No ask is too big, no detail is too small. We’re here to collaboratively design your product for success. As a new inventor, MAKO has the most comprehensive set of support services, industry connections, and guidance to help your product be a huge success. We guide you through the entire process, then set you up with direct connections to some of the best product sales brands on earth.

What’s Next after Electrical Engineering is Done?

To help ensure every aspect of your invention works well, MAKO’s electrical engineers, industrial designers, and mechanical engineers work together to provide exceptional product development services. Once the mechanical and electrical engineering processes are complete, most of our clients will transition to the prototyping and manufacturing phases. Arguably, this is the most exciting part of the product development process as these are the first steps of transforming your product from a digital file to the birth of a real, tangible product you can use and feel in your hand. In addition to product manufacturing, the two other options are to license your product or raise funding. All three main options are outlined below:



The way most new inventions become successful products is to get to manufacturing and selling products. Once engineering is done, MAKO Design can complete the prototyping and manufacturing of your invention for you. We are a one-stop-shop from sketch to production then to sales. Half of our products are physical inventions, the other half are electronics products. Either way, we’re a full-stack in-house development firm. Below is a full list of all steps to get your product to production and then get your product out to market buyers!



Some inventors just want to get their product designed to a point where they can then license their invention idea to an existing product brand. Either way you go, completing world-class product design is a critical first step. If looking to license directly after design, MAKO would then set you up with a patent attorney so you can protect your IP before pitching your idea to licensors. Keep in mind that the further you develop your product, the higher the probability of licensing, so you may want to have MAKO engineer and/or prototype your design before you start pitching to get a licensing deal.



Raising money is a very normal part of getting a hardware product off the ground, and with MAKO’s help, anyone can do it! In fact, half of MAKO’s clients don’t start with enough funds to complete development and manufacturing. First and foremost, before raising any money, even from friends and family, it is essential that you complete at least the product design portion yourself. Even then, the further you push into engineering and especially prototyping, the better you look to investors, the more money you can raise, and the less equity you will have to give away.

How Electrical Engineering Fits into MAKO’s Overall Product Process



This includes industrial design services. This is the first and most important step in the product development process. This is the foundation of all product development to come, so is critically important to have it done right.



You are here! Mechanical engineering and electrical engineering (for those products with electronics) is the detail work on the CAD to ensure that all components of the product design work cohesively, reliably, and predictably.



Before the product reaches the market, it’s important to test the form and functionality with a prototype. Prototypes are also a great way to generate traction for marketing, pre-sales, crowdfunding, and financing initiatives.



We have preferred connections and pricing with a network of patent attorneys to help our clients with all things related to IP (Intellectual Property) protection. Our clients get quality patenting work, affordably through our network of US and Canadian patent attorneys.



Once the prototyping and engineering are complete, tested, and refined, the product is ready to move to production. This may happen after preselling through crowdfunding, or before selling if you choose to sell direct to buyers once you have inventory in stock.



MAKO Design has many connections to help our clients launch and sell products. There are three main options: Pre-selling through crowdfunding, bulk order sales directly to wholesalers, distributors, retailers, and/or direct to the end-customer.

Electrical Engineering Firms: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about MAKO’s electrical engineering services. Don’t see an answer to your question here? Feel free to contact us anytime with your inquiries, read our blog for hundreds of articles related to electrical engineering and other product design services, learn about the entire end-to-end process with MAKO’s free invention kit, or check out the industry’s largest podcast: The Product Startup Podcast.

What is electrical engineering?

Electrical engineering is the science behind how we power and control a device, or capture, transmit, and process data using electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism.

What do electrical engineering services include?

Electrical engineering services include the design, development, and manufacturing of electrical components and systems from a broad range of industries including telecommunications, signal processing, computing, optical instruments, and energy transmission.

What projects do electrical engineers work on?

Electrical engineers design, develop and test electrical components and systems such as PCBs, firmware, radio frequency (RF) systems, telecommunications systems, wireless systems such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, sensors, signal processing, digital circuits, audio, video, displays, button technology, touchscreens, and more!

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