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Product Manufacturing

Product Manufacturing

Whether you intend to sell units direct to end customers, sell products through a distributor, wholesaler, or retailer, and/or licence your product to a bigger player, or any other way of commercial success with your product, manufacturing should be the end goal – And Mako helps with end-to-end production of your product.  Manufacturing is where your product innovation gets materialized.  It is the achievement of a long process of research, design, engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing prep.  Our most successful clients are those who go all the way from idea to full-scale production, and Mako helps with everything from end to end.  Even if you don’t want to personally go into production and build a product business and instead are considering licencing the product, raising financing, or selling the IP of the product, it is still absolutely critical that you develop a product that is well thought out for manufacturing, as that is what your buyer will be looking for, and even if your buyer/licensor has their own manufacturing expertise, very rarely will they want to both buy a product and figure out production, they rather buy it ready to go.  One of the best parts about working with Mako, is that we don’t mark up your production run, at all.  Our clients are mostly small businesses, so you need the best unit-cost you can find for quality production to ensure your product business is profitable and can scale up.  Simply put, whether it is our manufacturing partners, your manufacturing connections, or new manufacturers (or a combo of those), all Mako cares is that you have the best production partner for your product’s needs, so we work with you to figure that out, then our engineers work with the producer’s engineers to ensure a smooth production run.  Furthermore, traditionally it has been quite difficult for small businesses and startups to get access to quality manufacturers; however, since Mako has a constant supply of new projects and long-standing relationships, our clients have access to great manufacturing partners both locally and overseas (whatever is best for the client and their product).

Mako’s Secrets to Client Success: Mako’s secret to being the top product development solution to small business product clients is comprised of 5 main pillars:

  1. Product Design Processes Tailored to Small Businesses / Startups.  We have spent 20 years creating, testing, refining, and perfecting the many product development processes required to create global calibre products, but specifically for small businesses and startups only.  It is only an intense focus on this specific product development niche that has brought us to the point where we can ensure we are perfectly aligned with the client’s product vision, are able to design it to a modern top-tier calibre, do it in an incredibly timely manner, and all at small business budgets.  This alone is what makes it impossible to compete with Mako in this specific niche market; however, this is only 1 of 5 pillars of Mako’s industry-leading product design services.
  2. The Most Advanced Industrial Design Library on Earth.  We have a library of over 1,000 products that we have developed in-house for our clients, each with dozens of sub-processes, materials analysis, mechanics, electronics, etc.  This incredible wealth of knowledge ensures we can tackle most new consumer product ideas with a deep understanding of most if not all individual design elements of your project.  Most design firms don’t even have knowledge libraries, let alone the sheer size of ours, let alone how organized and technologically advanced ours is.
  3. Exclusively Highly Experienced Designers.  More than half of our designers are out of mid to senior level design positions from Dell, Nike, Bose, Boing, and others.  And not just designers with great titles at these firms, but designers who were responsible for actual CAD design all day every day – The builders.  We have no junior designers, even for industrial design or concept design, as all of our client projects have the intent of going all the way to production.  Whether the client themselves go to production, or the client sells or licences to someone who does, either way, Mako is usually on the hook to ensure production runs smoothly, so we want to ensure that we are designing reliable and cost-effective manufacturable projects right from the onset of the project.
  4. Breadth of Product Design Team.  To design a quality product, and have it developed quickly, it takes between 5 and 8 design experts throughout the process from initial sketch to eventual production.  Given Mako’s large and multi-faceted team, we are able to put together the best people at each stage of development to ensure the most qualified expert is on each unique part of the product and each stage of development.  Some of our clients also have 1 or 2 of the above experts (or are an expert themselves), so this further helps in our joint ability to bring the best Mako folks in together with the client experts to ensure a design team that is whole from end to end.
  5. Timely and Cost Effective.  How can the quality and standard be so high, but also be cost effective and quickly executed?  Well, the above 4 answers, combined, is how it’s done – By having incredible design processes, a massive consumer product library, highly talented and efficient designers, and a large team to handle all elements from sketch to shelves, this is how we ensure that costs are at small business levels while quality is world-class, and done on a tight schedule.  This creates the magical win-win for everyone involved.

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