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I came across your site on the net, tell me more about your company.

We would love to show you everything about our company! As a quick re-cap, we are the largest physical product development services firm in Canada, and are well on our way in the US and England. We’ve been around since 1999 (how time flies), have developed literally hundreds of projects, have won a number of design and invention awards, have products in 71 countries and over 500 retail stores, have thousands of inventors on our Social Media platforms, and have creative think-tank product development shops right downtown Toronto Ontario, Austin Texas, and London England. Check out the many news articles on us too, we get written up all the time. The best thing you can do is just come in and see us, even if it requires a quick flight – Meet the actual team of designers and product strategists that will be the actual ones working on your project – They are unreal, and well known in the product development industry. And if you think this sounds expensive, it absolutely is not, for many reasons (see more FAQ below for more info on costs, etc.).

What types of products does MAKO Invent specialize in?

MAKO Invent specializes in a broad range of products, primarily in Consumer Products – Home ware, garden, tools, toys, consumer electronics, games, furniture, etc. With years of experience developing hundreds of products for home inventors and small product firms, our design and research team is well diversified in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, plastics, metals, wireless transmission, PCB chip boards, and textiles. We also have developed a wide array of partners, distributors, and factories across many product categories.