FAQ Category: Product Development | MAKO Design + Invent


If we want to go to production, where do you manufacture?

We manufacture in North America, Europe and Asia, and many times a blend of two or more of those countries. We will work out a detailed strategy to determine, based on each product’s unique requirements, which is the best avenue for production. As often as we can, we like to keep manufacturing local – You would be surprised, due to increased efficiencies and modern Western processes, many times local manufacturing is a cost-effective option!

Do you help with Patenting a Product?

We work with many amazing and cost-effective 3rd party patent agents and patent lawyers. Since we have long-standing relationships with them, we are able to get substantially better pricing for our clients on patent work from them, and we know who is best suited for most specific product types. We want to ensure that your intellectual property is protected so that you have the best chance of success in the market. Since every product and business is unique. MAKO helps to ensure that the client’s business strategy, design, and patent strategy are aligned.

Do I get a patent first, or develop first?

MAKO works with many 3rd party patent agents and patent lawyers to help protect our clients’ intellectual property.Most of our clients file a patent after they are at least part-way through product development, and usually after the prototype is complete. If you patented first, then made any changes in the development, you would then have to do a second patent, which might even be nullified due to the first one! Most of our clients file at the end of development so that they have their intellectual property protection stretched out as long as possible. In the mean-time, prior to filing, you can protect yourself in talking with a company such as ours through signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement, which basically is an agreement between two parties to keep discussions confidential.