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057: From Invention Idea to $100,000 on Dragon’s Den

November 1, 2020

With Jonathan Schloo, Founder and Inventor of the Car Generator

057: From Invention Idea to $100,000 on Dragon’s Den

Kevin sits down with Jonathan Schloo, the Founder and Inventor of the Car Generator. Schloo created the first-ever car generator when he encountered an issue that required emergency hydro while camping with his family.

Soon after, he recognized that there was an opportunity to build a successful business by helping people power their homes during stormy nights with the cars parked right in their driveway. The $100,000 he secured in funding on Dragon’s Den is proof that he was right.

Throughout the episode, we discuss how Schloo took his initial invention to a product selling on Amazon and in big box retailers, and all the lessons he learned along the way. First-time product founders – this one’s for you.

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