067: Funding Tools for Modern Inventors and Hardware Startups

067: Modern Funding Tools for Hardware Product Startups

April 28, 2021

With Peter-Paul Van Hoeken, CEO of FrontFundr

067: Modern Funding Tools for Hardware Product Startups

Peter-Paul is the Founder of FrontFundr, one of North America’s top platforms for equity crowdfunding for startups and small-scaling businesses. He is a TedX speaker on Investment Crowdfunding, is a member of the Securities Commission, and is an advisor to both the Private Capital Markets Association and the National Crowdfunding and Fintech Association. Simply put, Peter-Paul is the person to talk to when it comes to funding capital for a hardware startup. 

Today, he is going to share some valuable knowledge on how modern inventors, startups, and small manufacturers can raise funding through various burgeoning tools to scale their product businesses, especially as there are a lot more funding opportunities now than ever before.

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