75: Launch Your Product On A Big Scale With QVC & ShopHQ Host

075: Launch a Product Big, with Host of QVC & ShopHQ

May 19, 2021

With Victoria Wieck of Million Dollar Hobbies

075: Launch a Product Big, with Host of QVC & ShopHQ

Victoria Wieck started from nothing and grew her jewelry business to over $500 Million in sales. She has over 30 years of experience in retail sales, and 20 years in selling on TV. She was a weekly host on the HSN and QVC for many years, and now a monthly host on the ShopHQ TV show. She is also host of the Million Dollar Hobbies podcast. Today, Victoria is going to share some valuable knowledge on how inventors, startups, and small manufacturers can turn their hobbies or invention ideas into multi-million dollar international businesses, including best practices for ideating an invention, getting it to market, scaling it into a brand, and conquering the market.

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