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094: How New Startup Products Get Into Big Retailers

September 22, 2021

With Yohan Jacob, Founder and CEO of RetailBound

094: How New Startup Products Get Into Big Retailers

Yohan Jacob is the Founder and President of RetailBound, an agency that helps emerging hardware brands get into major retail stores and sales channels. RetailBound has been around for 14 years and has worked with over 4,000 product companies. Yohan himself has spent 30 years in the industry, including being a major buyer for Sears and Office Max. 

Today, Yohan is going to share some valuable knowledge on how inventors, startups, and small manufacturers get their products into big retailers, including the 3 major tips on what retailers are looking for these days, and furthermore, how to succeed and scale once you are on the shelves with your invention.

Today you will hear us talk about:

  • The difference between retail and marketplaces
  • Three core traits retailers look for in a potential vendor: Unique, capitalized, and nice people.
  • Three metrics retailers look for:
    • 1. Revenue, profitability, inventory turns
    • 2. Past sales history
    • 3. What are you going to do to build awareness
  • It’s not just about sell-in, but it is about sell-through.


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