098: How to Use Product Bundling To Grow eCommerce Sales

098: Expand eCommerce Sales via Product Bundling

October 20, 2021

With Amy Parsons, Founder of Mozzafiato

098: Expand eCommerce Sales via Product Bundling

Amy is the Founder of Mozzafiato, a large eCommerce health and beauty product store. She has over 1,000 products on her platform, and it only launched a year ago. Before this, she spent 20 years as a university executive and an attorney. Today Amy is going to share some valuable knowledge on how inventors, startups, and small manufacturers can join with other emerging consumer products to create bundles of products to sell online, thus giving your product much broader market access and bigger potential sales.

Today you will hear us talk about:

  • Press launch for a new brand, and for social credibility.
  • Create a group of products that doesn’t compete with anything else.
  • How a new product can get into people’s hands that they never would have been able to on their own.
  • Can market your product in a different way when bundled.
  • Powerful partnerships with other great brands that compliment your product brand.
  • Margins can be good as perceived value is high.
  • Shipping savings.
  • Subscriptions when bundling.


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