117: Equity Crowdfunding: How to Finance Your Product Startup

117: Successful Equity Crowdfunding for Hardware Startups

March 9, 2022

With Peter-Paul Van Hoeken, CEO of FrontFundr

117: Successful Equity Crowdfunding for Hardware Startups

Peter-Paul Van Hooken is the Founder of FrontFundr, one of North America’s top platforms for equity crowdfunding for startups and small-scaling businesses. He is a TEDx speaker on Investment Crowdfunding, is a member of the Securities Commission, and is an advisor to both the Private Capital Markets Association and the National Crowdfunding and Fintech Association. Simply put, Peter-Paul is the person to talk to when it comes to crowdfunding capital for a hardware startup. Today, he is going to share some valuable knowledge on how inventors, startups, and small manufacturers can use crowdfunded equity platforms to raise capital to grow a hardware product business.

Today you will hear us talk about:

  • The difference between equity crowdfunding and product crowdfunding
  • Equity funding requires work, which starts with prep.
  • Throughout the campaign, continue to talk to your potential updates via updates.
  • Ideally you have a great product to show, but even better, show some sales.
  • Post campaign, it is important to keep your community excited by keeping them up to date with what is going on.
  • Create trust with your audience by being honest with your progress.
  • Reach as many people as possible through a platform
  • Build and leverage your community, be clear on your key messages with your product, choose the right media to amplify your message, organize events, identify influencers within your industry.


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