122: New Product Development: Modern Tools & Strategies

122: Modern Methods for New Product Development

April 13, 2022

With John McEleney, Co-Founder of OnShape

122: Modern Methods for New Product Development

John McEleney is the Co-Founder of OnShape, a leading cloud-based 3D CAD Design software used by almost two million product designers worldwide. He was one of the early innovators at SolidWorks and ended up being CEO there for 7 years before eventually founding OnShape. Today, John is going to share some valuable knowledge on what inventors, startups, and small manufacturers can look forward to in modern CAD design tools and how to best use those tools to get new innovative products to market in an agile way, learning from customers, and thus best ensuring product-market fit.

Today you will hear us talk about:

  • Building products is all about iteration
  • Cloud-based CAD software is making modern product development far easier
  • Don’t worry about opening and working with it
  • Control your CAD, and control parts of it
  • Everything is saved step by step
  • Continue to test and try
  • Collaborate with peers in real-time
  • Figure out the product-market fit quickly
  • Getting products into customer’s hands so that you can observe
  • Does your product solve a problem or delight a user


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