136: Using Google Ads to Boost Hardware Product Sales

136: Selling a New Physical Product with Google Ads

August 10, 2022

With Jem Bourouh, Partner at Accelerated

136: Selling a New Physical Product with Google Ads
136: Selling a New Physical Product with Google Ads

Jem Bourouh is a Partner at Accelerated, one of Europe’s leading direct-to-consumer e-commerce advertising agencies. Jem has won many awards and has had 7 products hit 7 figures in sales in just the first 30 days of their campaigns. Today Jem is going to share some valuable knowledge for inventors, startups, and small manufacturers on the different types of Google advertising for a new hardware product, the structure and tools needed to launch your first campaign, and tips for maximizing the success and growth of your Google ads campaigns to sell directly to end customers.

Today you will hear us talk about:

  • The many types of Google ad channels
  • How can people sell things via Google ads
  • Transactional campaign
  • Navigational campaign
  • Informational campaign
  • Why Google Ads
  • Start with keyword recommendations
  • What do you need to sell on Google Ads
  • Google Quality Score for hardware products
  • Landing Page Experience
  • Expected Click-Through Rate
  • Ad rank for your ad
  • Top of funnel, middle of funnel, bottom of funnel
  • What are some trends happening today with Google adwords for physical hardware products
  • Once you figure out these tools, you have a huge competitive advantage.
  • Start with a low budget, experiment, and continue refining.


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