139: Positioning A Physical Product in Retail Stores To Scale

139: How to Scale Your Physical Product in Retail Stores

August 31, 2022

With Marc Inkol, President at Explorer Research

139: How to Scale Your Physical Product in Retail Stores
139: How to Scale Your Physical Product in Retail Stores

Marc Inkol is the President of Explorer Research, a North American shopper research consulting firm that works with emerging physical product brands and massive product companies like Walmart, Kraft, Google, Pepsi, Unilever, and many others. Mark has spent 30 years in the retail industry including leading divisions at Kraft and Maple Leaf. Today, Marc is going to share some valuable knowledge on how inventors, startups, and small manufacturers can develop and position their products for big success at retail stores, how to captivate buyers while on the shelf, and how to scale your brand via retail stores.

Today you will hear us talk about:

  • Consumers have the power now!
  • A consumer buys 200 to 300 products out of a food store per year.
  • You have to be very clear on what your selling proposition is.
  • Products should be both unique and meaningful.
  • Features are not primary – a simple design is better.
  • Only 15% of a shelf is viewed, so a package is only seen for 2 seconds.
  • Five to six words max is what the consumer sees when browsing a store.
  • Constantly innovate on fewer features then go broader.
  • How do packaging and the supply chain factor into positioning your product?
  • You can only include three things on your packaging: Who you are, what you sell, and why its better.
  • Color, Shape, and Size for packaging are core aspects.
  • How do you engage people with the product?
  • Ten to fifteen seconds is typically how long a consumer evaluates a product once they have actually picked it up.
  • Develop a clear seller proposition!


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