149: Professional Prototyping Phases for a New Invention Idea

149: How to Professionally Prototype Your Invention Idea

November 9, 2022

With Mike Morton, Industrial Design Leader

Hosted by Kevin Mako of MAKO Design + Invent

149: How to Professionally Prototype your Invention Idea
149: How to Professionally Prototype Your Invention Idea

Mike Morton, a seasoned industrial designer with extensive experience at Dell, HP, Sunbeam, and various startups and inventors, will share his expertise on the significance and proper use of prototypes in product development and manufacturing. He will discuss the various types of prototypes and best practices for using them to ensure a product’s success in the market. Mike has also mentored at Capital Factory and Techstars and additionally collaborated with MAKO Design + Invent numerous times.

Today you will hear us talk about:

  • The significance of creating physical prototypes for an invention idea to progress to production.
  • The early stages of creating a product prototype are often rough and basic in nature.
  • A prototype that includes mechanical components and functionality.
  • A prototype that is refined and closer to the final product design.
  • A prototype that is intended for pre-production or serves as a production sample.
  • The importance of starting the prototyping process early and continuing to iterate throughout the development process.
  • The value of testing prototypes for both potential issues and opportunities for improvement.
  • The potential for innovative design and engineering solutions to arise during the prototyping stages.
  • The importance of not skipping prototyping steps, but instead adjusting them or creating additional prototypes to meet the specific needs of the product.
  • The benefits of involving manufacturing experts during the later stages of prototyping, particularly when approaching pre-production or refined prototypes.
  • The importance of manufacturers in the success of a product and the mutual benefits of a successful product launch.


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