154: 3 Key Parts to Developing a Great New Product

154: 3 Key Parts to Developing a Great New Product

December 14, 2022

Guest: Jonas Rinde, Founder of Nomono

Hosted by Kevin Mako of MAKO Design + Invent

154: 3 Key Parts to Developing a Great New Product
154: 3 Key Parts to Developing a Great New Product

Jonas Rinde is the mastermind behind Nomono, a compact podcasting device. He boasts a remarkable track record, with three major product exits resulting in billions of dollars in acquisition and over 50 hardware products under his belt in the past two decades. Today, he will impart his invaluable wisdom to aspiring inventors, startups, and small manufacturers by revealing the three crucial components of creating a top-notch consumer device and how they have propelled him to attain multi-billion dollar success in hardware product development.

Today you will hear us talk about:

  • 1st wow: Understanding the product as a potential customer
  • Attractive Design
  • 2nd wow: The experience of using the product
  • 3rd wow: Becoming a fan after using the product
  • Listen to customer feedback, but maintain focus.
  • Focus and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) are crucial, avoid adding unnecessary features.
  • Don’t discard ideas for added features, instead, organize, structure and prioritize them for potential future product releases.
  • Perfect the first product and then develop additional versions to form a related product portfolio.
  • Market your product to the public.
  • A simple design not only makes the product easy to sell but also user-friendly for customers


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