186: New Product Renderings: The Process & Value to Inventors

186: Product Renderings for a New Invention

July 27, 2023

With David Brown, Design Engineer at MAKO Design + Invent

Hosted by Kevin Mako, President of MAKO Design + Invent

186: Product Renderings for a New Invention
186: Product Renderings for a New Invention

David Brown is a seasoned design engineer at MAKO Design + Invent, boasting a remarkable blend of expertise in product engineering and industrial design. In this session, David shares a treasure trove of knowledge with inventors, startups, and small manufacturers, shedding light on the world of photo-realistic product renderings for hardware products. Exploring the intricacies of the design and production process, he unravels the undeniable value these renderings hold for hardware startups. Whether seeking capital investment or aiming to captivate new customers, David unveils the potential that lies within these visually stunning representations.

Today you will hear us talk about:

  • Numerous types of hardware renderings are available, each with its unique characteristics.
  • Among these, we have low-fidelity renders, providing basic representations of the product.
  • CAD renders showcase detailed and precise designs, requiring a strong foundation in computer-aided design.
  • Rendering is an intricate art that demands expertise and skill, far from being a simple task.
  • Renders play a crucial role in determining materials, finishes, lighting, reflections, background, and other essential elements.
  • For captivating potential investors, video renderings prove to be highly thrilling and engaging.
  • Techniques like hero shots, zooming in and out, fading, and exploded views add dynamism to the visual presentation.
  • Exploded view renderings hold immense power in revealing intricate product details and functionalities.

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