202: Paid Advertising on TikTok: How to Advertise a New Product

202: Paid Advertising for Hardware Products on TikTok

November 16, 2023

With Nikki Lindgren, Founder of Pennock

Hosted by Kevin Mako, President of MAKO Design + Invent

202: Paid Advertising for Hardware Products on TikTok
202: Paid Advertising for Hardware Products on TikTok

Nikki Lindgren is the Founder and Managing Partner of Pennock, a PPC digital advertising agency specifically for consumer product brands. She has managed hundreds of product sales campaigns online with over twenty million dollars in ad spend per year. Today Nikki is going to share some valuable knowledge for inventors, startups, and small manufacturers on the types of content ads to use on TikTok for selling hardware products, how to use the new TikTok store, best practices in the effectiveness of ads, and the structure of specific content in those ads so that you can sell big.

Here are the key takeaways from the episode:

  • TikTok is a platform that can be leveraged immensely.
  • There are tons of TikTok shops in the United States.
  • User-generated content is valuable on TikTok.
  • Low-fi and less fancy assets actually perform well on TikTok.
  • It is easy to start a shop on TikTok for your product.
  • Most of the effort should be focused on the creative aspects.
  • How many seconds of someone’s TikTok ad are the audience watching?
  • Think about remarketing based on how people interacted with your original product TikTok ads.
  • $20 per day is the minimum ad spend on TikTok.
  • The bigger players are trying a bunch of different hooks.
  • Try selling 4 to 7 different types of assets to find out which form of paid advertising for hardware products on TikTok works best for you.
  • The structure of a good TikTok ad for an invention is the hook, the message, then the offer.
  • It is imperative to follow Ad rules on TikTok.
  • TikTok has an extensive creator platform.
  • Spark ads on organic first, then use the ads to push over to that long organic content.

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