Household Product Inventor Sells First Batch at Big Box Retailer

Household Product Inventor Walks Into a Big Box Retailer and Sells His First Batch

TRI-PLUNGER for BOB GINTHER – After MAKO designed, prototyped, and manufactured Bob Ginther’s invention, he employed a unique selling method as a first-time household product inventor. He walked into a Co-Op Home Center with a box of Tri-Plungers, hunted down the store manager, and explained that his Tri-Plunger was better than any product out there. Voila, the first was box sold!

Bob Ginther came to MAKO Design+ Invent with the simple idea: Why don’t we make a triangle-shaped toilet plunger, since most new toilets made from 2000 and on are closer to that shape? Brilliant! MAKO conducted numerous rounds of product research, sketching, industrial design, prototyping, and manufacturing until the Tri-Plunger was borne.

Bob’s Tri-Plunger on Global News:

Bob’s Tri-Plunger on CBC:

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