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3D Printing Car Parts

You know we’re in the future when we can print our own car parts.

I have an older Mercedes, and for the newer model of my car Mercedes had made a minor change to the air delivery system which increased power and improved gas mileage.  To get the part I could have simply walked into the dealership and paid upwards of $80 for it, but with 3D printing technology I figured why not print my own?

By looking at pictures of the very basic plastic part I was able to come up with rough measurements. I then built the part using 3D CAD software, then exported the file to our 3D printer. After about an hour and a half it was finished, and out came a nice and sturdy replica.   Now because this part was to be installed in the colder area of the engine bay I was not too concerned about it melting.

It’s now been over a month since the part was installed and it remains in perfect condition.   I’ve been enjoying a nice improvement in gas mileage and power at the cost of a few cents in material thanks to 3D printing.

The printer I used was the Makerbot Replicator 2, and I later sprayed the part with a satin black paint to give it a factory finish.

The possibilities with these printers are endless and if they can save you money then they’re definitely worth investing in.

Robert Colgan, Senior Industrial Designer @ MAKO

3D Printed Car Part Industrial Design

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