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FlyKly Eliminates the Pesky Pedalling Part of Riding a Bike

April 16, 2014

The bike is an age-old symbol of affordable transportation. In fact, the bicycle is thought to have been first conceived way back in 1493 when Gian Giacomo Caprotti allegedly made a sketch (there is some controversy about the original author). Since then, more than 500 years ago, various improvements have transported the bike from a clunky metal-on-wheels machine to a travelling experience with lightweight carbon frames and sleek, smooth tires.

Over time, transportation models have emerged with multiple wheels or bikes that could accommodate multiple riders. Different bikes have different brakes and gears. Throughout all the changes however, there always has been at least one constant: the user has to put his or her foot to pedal to get moving.

That is, until now.

FlyKly’s Smart Wheel

If you are a fitness enthusiast who enjoys powering up hills and sweating through commutes, look the other way. FlyKly is set to unleash the Smart Wheel into the bicycle world, revolutionizing the way people get from place to place. The company calls it a “new perspective” on an old method of transportation, and they couldn’t be more right.

Many people prefer to ride a bike to work or on errands because it is typically more affordable than the alternative. However, pumping pedals means users may be in less-than-presentable shape when they show up for a board meeting or lunch with friends. The Smart Wheel remedies that problem by eliminating pedalling altogether. This means:

  • Scenery can be the focus of the user, not struggling through a workout.
  • No change of clothes is necessary.
  • Bicyclists become more efficient with their energy.

No, Really, It’s Smart

So how smart is this wheel? It will connect to your phone (assuming you have a smartphone, that is). There is a FlyKly app that works via a Bluetooth connection to perform tasks such as monitoring speed and recording how far someone travels and how fast. Bonus: The app can even lock the Smart Wheel and track the bike if it starts moving, like, say, if someone else tries to take off with this new, pedal-free technology.

FlyKly isn’t done there. Because the Smart Wheel is tracking trips, it can actually learn from an individual’s transportation habits. Through the app, the user can get tips on how their biking experience may be improved.

For people looking to take advantage of less labor-intensive cycling, the Smart Wheel will be available soon. To get yours, simply ride over to FlyKly’s Kickstarter page and pre-order your wheel. According to the manufacturer, wheels start shipping in June of this year.

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