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Goodbye Skateboarding, Hello Rockit; Single Foot Skate

In today’s world, it is often difficult for people to be well informed and interested in your product. New innovations and get rich quick schemes seem to be everywhere. As a result, grabbing people’s attention isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do. So how do you get people to be aware of your product as well as its’ benefits/uses? The challenge of success can be determined by a social and active presence.

A product that is currently facing these challenges is the Rockit Single Foot Skate. The Rockit is the world’s first Single Foot Skate; a revolutionary foot skate that is easy to ride, lightweight, and compact. With the Rockit, only one foot is strapped off while the other is planted, giving you total movement and control as you use it to push forward at desired speeds. The benefits of the Rockit include:

1)    A fun and exciting way to ride safely (An intro video on the Rockit)

2)    Gets you where you need to be on time (How to ride and stop)

3)    Improving your cardiovascular workout (First time on the Rockit)

Even the Rockit, being the great innovation that it is, has faced problems due to its strategies. Challenges have included, creating an effective brand strategy and identity, a sales strategy, as well as, management, logistics, and distribution. What does this all mean? Here’s a rundown:

1) Communicating to customers-Why do they want the Rockit? (The VP of Mako Invent tries out the Rockit)

2) Having specific long-term goals for the success of the product.

3) Having a plan to gain sales.

4) Having a plan to make the Rockit as easily accessible as possible for customers.

The Rockit was also featured on season 2, episode 7 of CBC’s Dragon’s Den; a television show where entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas in hopes of securing financing from venture capitalists. A clip of the episode can be found here. The product was not a success with the panel because there weren’t any sales to justify the capitalist’s investment in the Rockit. At the time they wanted proof that people would buy the product.

How will the Rockit overcome these challenges? By establishing a strong social presence through social media and different forms of communication, the product will be able to reach a larger group of potential consumers. These potential customers will be able to learn more about the Rockit Single Foot Skate and how it could be used in their everyday lives. The company will be able to brand their product towards their target market and make further goals to grow sales through advertising. Through an established social presence, the company will be able to find other ways to get the Rockit to its’ customers besides its current online store.

Currently, there have been sales from around the world in countries such as, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Hong Kong. The Rockit is most definitely a product that will change the face of self-propelled, recreational activities. With an established social presence, it is sure to be a success with children, teens, and adults. For more information on the Rockit, visit their website.

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