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The Jyrobike: Learning to Ride a Bike No Longer Requires Falling

July 7, 2014

For many of us, learning to ride a bike was both a pleasant and painful experience. With the Jyrobike, the biking industry and the experiences of both children and adults will never be the same. It introduces a method of learning that is not only enjoyable, but painless as well. With a Control Hub found in the front wheel, learners are kept upright, even when they tip or wobble. This Control Hub is fitted internally with a motorized flywheel that resists toppling caused by gravity. Riders are not only more comfortable, but they have more control over the bike in comparison to traditional bikes.

The Jyrobike’s purpose is to be a safer and simpler alternative to bikes that use training wheels (stabilizers). It transforms learning into a process that is as effective and hassle free as possible. The bike achieves this by gently but successfully guiding the user and preventing them from falling over:

With the bike, children feel more independent and less dependent on training wheels or adults. However, this does not mean that the Jyrobike does all of the work for children. Parents are encouraged to participate in the learning process. After all, learning to ride a bike with our parents is often one of the fondest memories we look back to from our childhood. The Jyrobike is purposely designed for this reason; so that parents can still be actively involved.

Specific Features

One of the Jyrobike’s great, innovative features is its’ counter-steer component. Users can use this to steer in the opposite direction and maintain balance as they turn. In comparison, traditional bikes with training wheels are more likely to topple over if the rider attempts to turn at a faster speed. The Jyrobike also makes breaking easy. There is an even distribution of weight where the two wheels meet the ground at either end of the bike. This is unlike a bike with stabilizers where there are three wheels at the rear end of the bike and only one at the front.

Another important feature that is built into the Jyrobike, is its’ ability to adjust to the skill level of the user. As the riders’ skill improves, they can dial down the gyro a bit by bit so that the rider is doing more of the work and depending less on the bike itself. This can be done until the gyro is turned off. It gradually but effectively teaches you the correct riding skills without doing all of the work.

Best of all, you won’t need to buy two separate bikes because you can remove the flywheel when you are ready to ride without the gyro. With the help of the Jyrobike, users can expect no bruises, falls, or tears. For more information on the Jyrobike, please visit to their website.

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