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Hockey Transformed! BLADETECH’s Spring-Loaded Skates

Picture this: Hockey being a game where you are at a reduced risk from both minor and major injuries. You as the player, will also have the ability to play with increased speed, agility, and acceleration. Now more of your output energy will actually be harnessed to propel your body. Less of your hard spent energy will be wasted.. To good to be true? BLADETECH’s new product technology introduces spring-loaded skates make it possible for hockey players to achieve all of the above and more.

Using BLADETECH product technology, the skates absorb energy created from the impact of the skate hitting the ice. This transfer of energy created from regular hockey skates, is known to cause damage to the user’s cartilage and can eventually lead to major knee problems. With the spring-loaded skates, athletes will be able to exert more power. They will have a higher energy output as less energy will be wasted. Athletes will also be able to play more minutes during a game and lengthen their careers by being able to play more seasons. Their joints won’t be as damaged after multiple seasons and their body will be in a better position to continue playing the sport that they love.

Improved agility and speed are a result of the spring inside the product technology of the BLADETECH skates. The mechanism propels the user at the end of the stride and increases the duration of contact that the skate blade has with the ice surface. This allows users can also get into needed positions faster than they would with traditional ice skates, which will be a game-changer for a sport where even fractions of a second can change the outcome of a game.

Ice skates are made up of the boot, the holder, and the blade. The ease of BLADETECH’s spring-loaded part is that it will likely be sold as an attachment. Users of all ages and body types need to simply add the mechanism to their current boots, which they are already accustomed to. BLADETECH hopes to be sold in stores such as Pro Life Hockey, National Sports, and Sports Check. BLADETEACH’s spring-loaded skates are sure to transform the way you play and experience hockey. For more on the spring-loaded skates, click here to visit BLADETECH’s website.

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