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TellSpec: Spectrometer Determining Food Content

October 27, 2014

TellSpec is an innovation created as a nutritional spectrometer to deliver accurate and real time information about the content of food. It certainly puts a damper on things if one constantly has to think: “does that cake contain cow’s milk?” Or, “how many calories are hanging around in that BLT sandwich?” For that reason, TellSpec was created to identify allergens, chemicals, calories, and even sodium and trans fat. The fact that consumers can ‘virtually’ try food without buying and trying it removes hesitation and fear. This key sized innovation can help consumers to become better informed about what they are putting into their body. Because after all, you are what you eat!

How Will TellSpec Work?

The TellSpec is comprised of three components. First, the spectrometer or a low powered laser will be pointed at food to aid in analysis. Second, the analysis of the data will be subjected to algorithms. Finally, TellSpec is presented as an app on smartphones. As well, TellSpec will work on the principle of crowdsourcing. This means the more users that scan their food will help grow the list of 3000 plus algorithms already present. This will allow others users to learn about their meal content.

However, it is important to note that this vision by TellSpec, a company with headquarters in Toronto, has created ties with Dallas, Texas. It was announced at the beginning of the year that Texas Instruments’ Digital Light Processing has been integrated into the product. It is with this partnership that TellSpec will be updated.

“TellSpec is taking advantage of DLP technology’s capabilities in exciting new ways, by applying the DLP device to an advanced consumer food and health solution, said Mariquita Gordon, Manager of DLP Embedded Products at TI.”

Nonetheless, the feasibility of TI’s DLP has been called into question and a study is underway. Yet with all new innovations, bumps in the road are to be expected. It is inspiring and admiring that TellSpec are still dedicated to delivering a quality product with the help of Texas Instruments.

The Availability of TellSpec?

The health conscious individuals intrigued by the possibility of being part of a revolution to take back their control with food will have to wait until later on in 2014 to pre-order.

For more information on TellSpec, click here.

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