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Inventions that are Scary and Creepy

October 31, 2014

These inventions bring a whole new meaning to bringing chills down your spine! We at MAKO Design + Invent have gotten into the spirit and compiled a list of three inventions that are creepy and strange.

MAKO’s Top 3 Creepy Inventions!

1. Dimple Machine

Our first strange invention is one that has been forgotten-until today. In 1936, a woman by the name of Isabella Gilbert had created a machine to create dimples for those who weren’t naturally gifted them. The way this invention works is the wearer would place a device over their face that are attached to two sets of knobs. It was believed that wearing this invention over a period of time would ‘train’ a person’s cheeks to create depressions on their own.

2. Blood Powered Lamp

You have read the above caption correctly. This lamp that is powered by blood is appropriately called the Dracula Bulb. The designer- Mike Thompson from the United States is the creative mind behind the invention. The way to set this bulb alight is based on a chemical reaction, between one’s blood and luminol. Luminol is used by forensic investigators to determine if blood is present at crime scenes. The steps for this blood powered invention is to first mix in an activating powder, then break the light bulb, then use that piece to cut yourself and add the blood in. By following these steps the light bulb starts to glow bright blue!

3. Electro Smile

This invention was created in Japan and it helps parents to get their children to smile. The Electrosmile was created for parents to help get their children out of a tantrum quickly and put on a lovely appearance when out in public. How this contraption works is by sending electric shocks to the kids’ cheeks- creating muscle contractions and produces a smile. The strong shocks can create smiles that can last for days without the device being worn! This invention can also unfortunately produce a ‘minor’ side effect, which is twitching from time to time.

Each of the following inventions serve as inspiration that products can come from unusual ideas and needs! At Mako Design + Invent the team has the knowledge and expertise to create innovative ideas and bring them into being. Feel free to get in touch us!

Happy Halloween!

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