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Innovation: Putting the Fun Back Into Water Fights!

Bunch O Balloons is an amazing innovation created by a father of 8 children-Josh Malone of Texas. Josh was tired of tying water balloons all summer long; the process was both time consuming and exhausting. As a result, Josh, the founder of Tinnus Enterprises, came up with the innovation of using a hose adapter to transform water fights. Bunch O Balloons’ point of differentiation is that it can fill up thirty-seven balloons in twenty seconds. This innovation’s guarantee is to provide one hundred balloons in less than one minute.

How Does This Innovation Work?

The way Bunch O Balloons is able to provide so many water filled balloons simultaneously is through an attachment that fits on a hose. Within a kit, three attachments have thirty-seven pre attached balloons, and when you turn on the water all the balloons fill up. In order to remove the balloons all that is needed is a simple shake. This gentle action aids in disconnection and adds a small band to seal up the balloon.

Bunch O Balloons Kickstarter Campaign

The innovation utilized the crowdfunding campaign- Kickstarter to raise funds for the adapter. It is truly amazing to see that this invention raised over and above their goal of $10,000. Bunch O Balloons did a fantastic job of raising $929, 160 with 21,455 backers. Josh Malone’s innovation is nearly ready to go and will definitely be a part of a lot of parties and BBQ’s in the upcoming summer season!

The Bunch O Balloons Kickstarter campaign explains that from July 2014 and September 2014 it will start off with a manual line, which can create 20,000 balloons per day. Starting from October 2014 to March 2015 it will be a semi-automated line, which can create 200,000 balloons per day. Finally, in April 2015 the innovation will take on an automated line that will have the capacity to create 2 million balloons per day!

Bunch O Balloons and MAKO – A Small World

Want to know the craziest thing about this story?  Bunch O Ballons was picked up and turned into a world top seller by toy company Zuru.  MAKO worked with Zuru back in Hong Kong when our founder Kevin Mako, and Zuru’s founder Nick Mowbray, used to ride the train together from Hong Kong to Shenzen to look at factories back in the first days of their respective businesses!  MAKO and Zuru still work together today to help bring MAKO’s clients, both in toys and in other products, to mass market through Zuru’s distribution and manufacturing teams.

If you follow our twitter then you aware that our experienced team at MAKO Design + Invent is constantly looking for interesting inventions that can be incorporated into fun daily activities. If you have an interesting idea and don’t know where to start, feel free to contact us today!

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