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Patents: NASA’s Collaboration with Grol Technologies

November 12, 2014

Here at MAKO, we get excited when individuals explore that “what if” possibility at the back of their minds. Everything starts off as an idea. No matter how farfetched or improbable it may seem at the time, success can be possible. Today, MAKO Design + Invent has found an example of how the science fiction universe of Star Trek is proving to be an extraordinary influence behind NASA’s range of biotechnical devices.

NASA, the licensor, has signed two patent licensing agreements with Texas-based company Grok Technologies, a life science company. These patent licenses enable Grok Technologies, the licensee, to develop technology which can help aid astronauts on board the International Space Station (ISS).

The agreement between NASA and Grok is the result of the agency’s Technology Transfer Program. This allows NASA to display its technology for missions in discovery and exploration to the public for use and development. The exclusive patent licenses are permitting Grok to build on a provided foundation and step into the shoes of NASA.

The Products Arising from the Patent Licenses

Grok Technologies will be addressing two areas: 3D human tissue models and musculoskeletal pain and inflammation.

The First Technology: BioReplicates

This technology will allow the user to create 3-D human tissue models that can reduce reliance on animal testing. BioReplicates will be used in the testing of cosmetics, drugs, and other products for their safety, toxicity, and efficiency with greater reliability and cost-effectiveness.

The Second Technology: Scionic

This technology could pioneer the development of medical devices to target musculoskeletal pain and inflammation. These devices would be used externally in both humans and animals without the use of pharmaceuticals.

What will the Technologies Solve?

NASA has expressed their interest in the potential of these technologies to regenerate bone and muscle tissue. Unfortunately, a common problem for astronauts during long spaceflights is the occurrence of osteopenia. This condition arises from the loss of bone, muscle mass, and bone density. The collaboration between NASA and Grok is a promising direction in how to provide care for astronauts while in space, seeing as how hospitals are definitely out of the question!

In conclusion, the cooperation between NASA and Grok presents major opportunities. It may potentially allow futuristic biotechnical advances to enter the commercial sector and not just provide care for those in space. For that reason, it is astonishing to believe that the BioReplicates and Scionic were once just an idea at the back of someone’s mind!

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