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Wearable Technology: Glance makes your watch smarter!

November 26, 2014

At MAKO Design + Invent, we are huge fans of wearable technology and love to see the latest prototypes in wearable tech. This week, we discovered Toronto-based Kiwi Wearable Technologies, a wearable tech company that has made quite a name for themselves in the industrial design world. Their latest invention, Glance, has opened up a new category in wearable technology with the introduction of add-on accessories that can be used in addition to something the consumer already owns.

Glance Features wearable technologyHad your eye on that smartwatch for some time but can’t seem to shell out the money to buy it? Don’t fear! Glance is an add-on accessory that fits around your watch and can turn even the most basic watch into a smartwatch!

“Wearables have the perception of being unfashionable and not for a wide audience. Glance is a wearable anyone can easily incorporate into their daily wardrobe without comprising personal style,” said CEO Ali Nawab. “Because you don’t have to invest hundreds into a new smartwatch, it is a great way for consumers to start using wearable technology by augmenting the existing watch they love.”

How does this piece of wearable technology function?

The device looks like a small OLED touch screen that snaps onto a watch or wristband and juts off the side. Glance can connect to your iOS or Android device and notifies you when you receive a call, text or even social media notifications. This piece of wearable technology can also be used as an activity counter that measures your fitness levels, and can even help you find your phone in case you lose it.

Kiwi Wearables is known for specializing in wearable technology that relates to kinetics or motion. Glance is no different from the other motion-based products they have created and users will be able to train the device to respond to specific movements of your hand or wrist. Glance can be programmed to enable gesture control capabilities and users can simply make gestures with their hands to activate their televisions, computers and more. Furthermore, if used with its mobile app companion Kiwi Move, Glance can, for instance, launch Shazam on your phone anytime you draw a checkmark in the air. Neat, right?

Of course you could also wear it with any braceletGlance can be completely personalized and comes in three handy sizes to fit around your watch perfectly. Don’t want to wear it with a watch? It can be worn with any bracelet, wristlet and even comes with a leather strap of it’s own. It’s aluminum casting makes it sit comfortably on the wrist and bluetooth sensors can pick up on your phone’s activity from thirty feet away.

“We are extremely passionate about wearable products at MAKO and are excited to see a local company inventing something so unique,” says Son Chung, Director of Design at MAKO. Our team absolutely loves this initiative by Kiwi Wearables to introduce users with add-on tech accessories that they can use with their everyday products, and can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

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