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TUTSWVET – New Product Distribution

New Product Distribution – The evolution of the conventional bathroom experience is launching in Toronto, providing TUTSWVET with an opportunity. TUTSWVET Tissue Mist is an innovative toilet paper spray that is set to shift the idea of comfort from ‘soft’ to ‘smooth.’

The 100% natural, environmentally friendly tissue enhancement has been formulated to perform with the most significant international certification standards in mind, such as ECOcert and ECOlogo. The days of blockage through waste transport systems will be a thing of the past, as it will assist in effectively making flushable wet wipes obsolete.

TUTSWVET’s unique formulation of natural ingredients compliments all toilet tissues and even makes one-ply commercial tissue feel pleasant. The new product distribution opportunity for TUTSWVET will take place at the Toronto Gift Fair, and it is certain to leave its mark.

A physical look at TUTSWVET’s product distribution

The team at MAKO is always looking to help our clients get new product distribution. Under the guidance of James Chalmers, who brings 15 years of new product distribution experience to MAKO, the goal is to always get distribution set up and start selling products.

“Everything we do as a company, from design to prototyping to patents, is all in the name of setting our clients up for sales success. In this case, we couldn’t be prouder of how far Mark has come with TUTSWVET.” – James Chalmers, Vice-President, Strategy, MAKO

New Product Distribution at The Toronto Gift Fair

The Toronto Gift Fair is the perfect place to witness the new product distribution of TUTSWVET. The fair is Canada’s largest gift trade fair, with 1 million square feet of display space and over 1800 exhibitors. TUTSWVET will be located at the booth called The Tate Group #11063 and will be a definite standout against the other fair contributors.

“The innovative design, attention to detail and the overall quality of the product are all sheer signs of the success that is in store for TUTSWVET” – Stefano Incardona, Social Media and Marketing Manager, MAKO.

At the show, you will be able to see TUTSWVET first-hand and experience its new product distribution. The creator of TUTSWVET, Mark Hamelin, will be in attendance to answer any questions and inquiries individuals may have about the product. The fair takes place from:

  • Sunday, January 25 – Thursday, January 29, 2015
  • Hours 9 am to 6 pm (Jan 25 to 28) and 9 am to 3 pm (Jan 29)

Information regarding TUTSWVET’S product distribution

The fair will be held at the Toronto Congress Centre, which is located at 650 Dixon Road in Toronto. Be sure to visit TUTSWVET’s Facebook and Twitter. Mark and the team at TUTSWVET are looking forward to seeing you there!

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