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Make Your Invention Idea Come to Life

Do you have an idea for a product but are unsure of how to make your invention a reality? If you answered yes and currently attend George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario, listen up! MAKO Design + Invent has teamed up with George Brown College for the first annual MAKO @GeorgeBrown Invention Awards. MAKO is hosting a competition for students who have innovative product ideas that they want to bring to the market. The competition is being held on April 6, 2015 at the Career Centre Workshop Room at George Brown College, and you can now submit your application online until March 25, 2015.
*Applications closed

In terms of your invention, the product must fall in one of these categories:

  • House Ware and Office Supplies
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Fashion Inventions
  • Medical and Health
  • Furniture
  • Lighting and Spatial
  • Tech Products
  • Other Inventions

There are a few submission requirements for students to enter. First and foremost, you must be a current George Brown student. Next, your invention must be something that could be sold in retail big-box stores like Canadian Tire or Home Hardware. This means your invention idea must be creative but practical as well. In order to be considered, applicants must also have a physical prototype made by the competition date.

Your Invention Awaits

MAKO strongly believes in helping and encouraging new inventors to take their ‘what if’ idea and create unique consumer products. While many students are innovative thinkers who are eager to create and share their ideas, many also feel like they cannot create something successful due to the competitive nature of the industry. The MAKO Invention Awards are a competition that gives students the incentive to finally take their ideas and bring them to life. The first place winner will receive a $5000 value in kind and cash prize, while the second place winner will receive a $3000 value in kind and cash prize, and finally the third place winner will receive a $2000 value in kind and cash prize. Along with the monetary incentive, this competition also gives students the insight, experience and guidance it takes to develop a working prototype. It is a learning process that will help students grow both professionally and personally, which is a priceless opportunity.

MAKO Invent is extremely excited to partner with George Brown College and work together to inspire students and young entrepreneurs to take their invention idea and turn them into a reality. There will be a networking information session for any students interested on February 19th, 2015 from 12-1pm held at the Career Centre Workshop Room at George Brown College. We are looking forward to meeting all the applicants and can’t wait to see what everyone has in store for the competition. Good luck to all applicants!

About: MAKO Design + Invent is the original firm providing world-class consumer product development services tailored to startups, small manufacturers, and inventors. Simply put, we are the leading one-stop-shop for developing your physical product from idea to store shelves, all in a high-quality, cost-effective, and timely manner. We operate as one powerhouse 30-person product design team spread across 4 offices to serve you (Austin, Miami, San Francisco, & Toronto). We have full-stack in-house industrial designmechanical engineeringelectrical engineeringpatent referralprototyping, and manufacturing services. To assist our startup and inventor clients, in addition to above, we help with business strategy, product strategy, marketing, and sales/distribution for all consumer product categories. Also, our founder Kevin Mako hosts The Product Startup Podcast, the industry's leading hardware podcast. Check it out for tips, interviews, and best practices for hardware startups, inventors, and product developers. Click HERE to learn more about MAKO Design + Invent!

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