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The Ultimate Prototype Production

February 2, 2015

Prototype production is crucial in the developing stages of a product. At MAKO Design + Invent, we understand how important developing a great prototype is and we recognize hard work when we see it. The team at Domus Livings, who are based out of Vancouver, Canada, have created the Domus System, which is an Affordable Smart Home Automation Solution. This prototype production is truly innovative and unlike anything in the market. It is a Wi-Fi controlled electricity socket and infra red remote unit that enables the user to control and schedule the activity of any electronic appliance through a Smartphone. It is compatible with both Apple and Android devices, which makes it extremely user friendly.

Prototype Production Broken Down

So how exactly does the Smart Home Automation work? The prototype production of Domus is run through the Domus App, which is connected to the Domus Cloud. The Domus App allows access to an account that connects your devices with the Smart iCon (a square Wi-Fi repeater and Infra Red unit.) As long as the Smart iCon is in the same general location as the devices, it is granted control. . This includes lights, televisions, air conditioning units, stoves and much more. You simply find the model and style on the Domus App and click the desired device. If the style or brand is not on the list of options you can simply add it in. There is a possibility of you wanting to monitor and control devices that may not be in sight of the iCon. For this scenario, there is the Smart iPlug. The Smart iPlug is available in different outlets types for different countries. In order to monitor and control a desired device, you plug the smart iPlug into a socket and then plug the device into the Smart iPlug, which is also controlled through your Smart Phone.

The Benefits of this Prototype Production

The prototype production of the Domus has a number of benefits. Each device has the ability to be monitored and pre scheduled for your des Domus also notifies you when a device has been on for a long period of time, preventing any accidents that may occur. Domus also reduces user’s carbon footprint as it provides an electricity calculator. This calculator shows which devices take up the most energy and how much each one costs per month. This function allows you to monitor the usage of certain devices to save money and energy. The prototype production of the Domus system is one of kind, which MAKO admires. MAKO is a huge supporter of conserving energy and believes in reducing our carbon footprint much like the efforts of Domus Livings.

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