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An Event Set to Inspire Inventors and Inventions

We are always pleased to hear about events going on in the Toronto area that will help bring awareness to inventors and inventions. Sometimes all it takes is that story of someone else’s “what if” idea to inspire an aspiring inventor or entrepreneur. The GTA chapter of the YPO-WPO (Young President Organization – World Presidents Organization) has teamed up with the Ryerson Digital Media Zone to bring an inspiring event for members of the organization. This event, “Ignite your Innovation”, is taking place today at 3:30 pm at The Carlu Hotel in the core of downtown Toronto.

“Ignite Your Innovation” focuses on inventors and inventions that have come from the Ryerson Digital Media Zone. The Digital Media Zone, along with the many other incubator spaces at Ryerson, have done an exceptional job at helping entrepreneurs get their ideas off the ground and into successful technologies, and MAKO very much admires the work they have done. MAKO Design + Invent fully believes that in order for an idea to be successful, an individual must have the right space, supplies and guidance. This is exactly what the incubator spaces provide; making it no surprise they have had such tremendous success.

Inventors and Inventions Making a Statement

Ignite your innovation is bound to be a hit. With so many amazing speakers and guests in attendance, it will be nothing but exciting and entertaining from start to finish. There is a wide variety of notable speakers, such as the President of Ryerson, Sheldon Levy, and the Digital Media Zone Director and Founder, Valerie Fox.  Discussing inventors and inventions comes second nature to them and they will provide insight that cannot be found anywhere else.

Along with speakers, there will also be some interesting guests in attendance.  One guest in particular is Vanessa Lang, our Director of Partnerships here at MAKO. We are thrilled that our staff takes interest in events like these, and admire the passion they have for innovation both inside and out of the office.  Vanessa could not be more excited as she states, “I am honoured to be in a room with so many talented professionals and innovative entrepreneurs. I am excited to hear from other people’s lessons and experiences and share them with the MAKO staff, as well as meet new industry professionals in the invention field.”

We wish the best of luck to all the speakers today at “Ignite Your Innovation” and we can’t wait to hear all about it from Vanessa! Keep and eye out for the inventors and inventions that will be coming out of the MAKO Ryerson 2015 Invention Awards later this year.

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