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Product Design: A New Way to Photo Share

March 4, 2015

At MAKO Design + Invent we feel that it is necessary to provide aspiring inventors with the support that they need. Whether it is through helping them take their product design to the next level or simply commending them for inventing a truly fascinating product, MAKO is always willing to lend our services to ambitious inventors. We encourage brilliant minds that change our worlds by introducing us to a product design that they created or even simply altered to better previously introduced inventions.

When it comes to digital frames, we’ve all seen some sort of product design. Recently, the digital world is quickly advanced in substituting traditional methods. We have seen this with the use of digital cameras and, more recently, digital frames. Although these methods have been established, innovators are continuously working on various ways to advance existing technology. Our friends at Kickstarter continue to introduce us to interesting projects that contribute significantly to the world of advanced technology. More recently, they have launched the Pigeon campaign, an advanced product design to what one might call a ‘conventional’ digital frame.

Just like our MAKO family that is dispersed between Toronto, Ontario and Austin, Texas, many families out there are spread out across the globe, whether it be for vacations or their current living situations. The internet has made it easy for us to keep in touch with our families internationally, but there’s always room for improvement. Kickstarter’s Pigeon product design allows us to connect with our distant loved ones without using complicated communication tools.

Pigeon’s Groundbreaking Product Design

Pigeon is a digital picture frame designed to connect to your cellphone pigeon app, allowing you to upload your photos and videos to the frame from anywhere in the world. This product design would be the ideal gift for consumers of all demographics; however, Grandma comes to mind when we think of the target audience for Pigeon.

Grandma most likely does not want to deal with the confusing world of social networking, and all you have to do is give her the frame, upload the app, and send her the photos and videos you want her to see. On the other end, all she has to do is hang her frame and watch as the photos and videos keep rolling it.

The MAKO team would like to encourage anyone with a brilliant idea to stop waiting and start inventing. You’ll never know where your idea will take you and how beneficial it will be for the community if you don’t try. Although digital frames have been around for years, someone at Kickstarter managed to create a more improved digital frame with the aim of bringing families together. There’s always room for improvement, just as there’s always room for new innovations. Contact MAKO today with your brilliant idea!

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