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A Prototype Production for HIV Patients

Inventions impact our daily lives across a variety of platforms, whether that be economically, politically, or medically. Truly ground-breaking inventions generally include one or more of these factors or simply a combination. At MAKO Design + Invent, we love to recognize inventions that have several beneficial factors; these are the inventions that truly impact our world.

What better way to make a difference than to create a prototype production that promises to bring advancements not only to the Canadian community but to the entire world?

Our friends at ChipCare, a UofT based start-up company, have revolutionized the medical field with their innovative prototype production. They have created a portable analyzer for HIV testing that is low-cost, user-friendly, and easily accessible to developing countries. This prototype production is designed for field diagnosis to monitor disease progression in AIDS patients who can’t afford tests.

Not only are traditional flow cytometers bulky, expensive, and difficult to operate, but they take time to generate results, and as many as 50% of patients don’t hear back. This, perhaps, is the biggest ongoing concern AIDS patients have.

The Functions of ChipCare’s Prototype Production

ChipCare’s handheld prototype production is convenient for remote settings and can be operated by nurses rather than technicians. The device functions by measuring cells in a single drop of blood taken through a finger prick and displays the results within 10-15 minutes. The device uses field imaging techniques that can be easily modified to test for other diseases, such as malaria.

The prototype production is now being prepared for the market, thanks to the investors who have collectively surpassed ChipCare’s funding goal with a whopping total of 5 million dollars. Investors such as MARS Innovation, Ontario Centres of Excellence, and Maple Leafs Angels have made it possible for the start-up to begin focusing on taking important steps like verification trials, clinical trials, regulatory pathways, and sales and marketing.

As one of the first investors, MARS has made significant contributions to this project by helping the ChipCare team develop their intellectual property portfolio and their understanding of the market.

At MAKO, we find our friends at ChipCare truly inspiring. It is often difficult for individuals to put their innovative ideas into action, but MAKO loves to see innovators progress. An idea can turn into a prototype production, which ultimately will turn into a marketable product that has the potential to revolutionize the world. Funding should not be the biggest concern.

As we have seen with ChipCare, if an invention can make a substantial difference to the world, you will most certainly find tremendous support from world-renowned universities and organizations such as UofT and MARS Innovation. But you’ll never know your capabilities unless you try!

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