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Make a Product Using Carbon3D

When 3D printing emerged, the industrial design industry was thrilled to see such a ground-breaking advancement to product development. At MAKO Design + Invent we were particularly moved by this progression as it would impact our production significantly. However, it didn’t take too long for our industrial design team to experience some of the common hindrances that 3D printing presents when they make a product. In a particular TED Talk conference entitled ‘What if 3D printing was 100x faster?’ the CEO and co-founder of Carbon3D, Joseph DeSimone, explains that these complications arise because 3D printing is actually 2D printing. 3D printers use 2D printing methods repeatedly to make a product, until a 3D shape has taken form. At MAKO, we have seen that this technique does not deliver a resilient product but does suffice for a prototype. Other disadvantages involved with 3D printing are that it takes too long to make a product, and that material choices are extremely limited.

How to Make A Product with CLIP

With the help of the popular film Terminator 2, Joseph DeSimone was inspired to develop Carbon3D to revolutionize 3D printing and free us from its limitations. To make a product, Carbon3D uses Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP) to create objects that arise from a liquid puddle in real time—similar to the T-1000 emerging from liquid metal in Terminator 2.

Carbon3D operates by harnessing light and oxygen to continuously grow parts and essentially, make a product. The Carbon3D printer uses light to solidify and sculpt the liquid, turning it into the desired object. Ironically, oxygen works as an inhibiter to the light, ensuring that the liquid at the bottom does not harden. Unlike the conventional 3D printers, Carbon3D does not make a product in layers. This ensures that objects come out stronger, and increases the speed of which objects are printed by up to 100 times. Although at this point the Carbon3D is in the prototype phase, its creators believe that it could be reliable enough to use for mass production.

Here at MAKO, we simply can’t wait for this product to hit the market. It will certainly be an incredible addition to add to our team. Carbon3D will be a start of a new innovative era, for our team and clients alike.

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