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Student’s Showcase their Design Projects

With this academic year coming to an end, academic institutions have started their year end grad showcases. These grad showcases are exciting events that are usually open to the public, and allow students to proudly display their exceptional design projects.  Ryerson University, OCAD, George Brown and Humber are a few of Toronto’s well respected academic institutions that have begun showcasing their graduating students’ design projects. MAKO Design + Invent loves supporting the academic community. We make an effort to attend these events and view the various innovative design projects created by highly skilled students to encourage them to pursue their talents.

Last Thursday our Graphic Design and Marketing Team were invited to attend the Humber Industrial Design Thesis Show at the Design Exchange. The show featured the thesis projects of 4th year Industrial Design students from Humber College. The event started off as a networking event where each student creatively displayed their design projects while guests  walked around to view them. The MAKO Team was very impressed by students’ high level of performance as they described various aspects of their prototypes.  Our Director of Digital Media, Diane Lim, was very happy to have been a part of the event. “I was amazed at how well prepared the students were. Not only were their projects creative and practical, but they also made sure to incorporate the business aspect of things, such as financial costs and an implementation timeline. I will definitely be returning next year!” she said.

Design Projects Hitting the Market

The networking event was shortly followed by the Humber College award show where several students received awards for their academic accomplishments. Umbra LTD awarded three Humber students for their outstanding innovative designs and assisted them with getting shelf space in U.S. based Target Stores. Our friend Paul Rowan, Co-Founder of Umbra LTD, is a huge supporter of innovation and has substantially contributed to the academic industry by guiding these students to success. Lulu Al-Atab, one of MAKO’s Graphic Designers, was very impressed with Paul and his dedication to the students. “His enthusiasm is very inspiring and motivating. It pushes students to be the best they can be, which is very important in a creative field. He personally invests in the student’s work which says a lot about him”.  Paul also took the time to show our team some of the winners’ work and expressed his excitement for each student’s future.

MAKO wants to congratulate all of the students on their amazing work at the Humber Industrial Design Thesis Show. We loved seeing what the students of Humber have been working on this past year and we are thrilled at their success. We look forward to seeing more design projects at the show next year!

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