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Cinnos – The Innovation Company of the Year

Creating an innovation company is a very difficult task to accomplish. You must not only have an innovative idea but you must have the business aspect of your idea worked out as well. Nothing worth having comes easy and developing a true innovation company takes time, hard work, and determination. The creators of Cinnos know this all too well and have created an innovation company that is unlike anything out there.

Cinnos (Canadian Innovation Technology Systems) is the first ever all in one sustainable data storage unit. This new innovation company, founded by Hussam Haroun, Samih Abdelgadir, Brook Azezew and Igor Gurevic, has completely redesigned the way we store and manage information. It’s no surprise that data storage for corporations these days are huge. With cloud computing and the Internet being used at an accelerated rate, there is a growing demand on companies to increase and improve their data centres. Our friend Samih Abdelgadir used a refrigerator as a metaphor to explain the way current data centres operate. “Using the conventional way to store data is like having one bottle of water in a 10 000 square foot fridge just to cool it. It ends up using a huge amount of electricity and millions of dollars in initial investments are wasted just to cool one bottle of water.” Companies invest heavily on expanding their data centres and often times they don’t necessarily need that much storage space. Cinnos is a 20-foot square and 1,500-pound rack system that uses 25% less energy than conventional servers. It is also up to 30 percent cheaper than the traditional servers currently on the market. As an innovation company, Cinnos feels responsible to be environmentally aware. “Being leaders in both innovation and sustainability is extremely important. You need to be aware of your carbon footprint and try to decrease it as much as possible. Cinnos has a carbon footprint 40% smaller than other data storage units and we are very proud of that” says Samih.

Getting World Renonwed Recognition as an Innovation Company

Cinnos is getting serious recognition from around the globe. In November 2014, they were the only start-up company chosen to represent Canada at the “Falling Walls Venture” competition in Berlin, Germany. This is a very prestigious competition that is composed of University based science start-ups. The start-ups that are chosen must also be founded by students and/or researchers and must be based on new research information. With such an incredible opportunity, Cinnos was thrilled to have had the opportunity to compete on an international level, representing Canada.

Recently, Cinnos presented at the OCE DiscoveryConference, where the Minister of EconomicDevelopment, Brad Duguid, spoke about the importance of the entrepreneurial spirit in Ontario. The annual event is hosted by the Ontario Centres of Excellence and is Canada’s leading innovation to commercialization conference.

MAKO wants to see more innovation companies accomplishing this level of success in our community. We hope that Cinnos becomes an international example for individuals to explore their ‘what if’ idea. Innovate, Invent, Imagine, Inspire!

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