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Technology Design that Looks Great!

May 19, 2015

Technology design is progressing faster than ever before. With our society being very technology based, consumers are changing their buying habits and looking for products that support their many tech devices. Companies are taking note and starting to incorporate technology design in their all of their products. Whether it’s creating a whole new product, like the Nextpaq or modifying existing products,  great technology design is the only way to set a company apart. Battery power and battery life is often the biggest focus for technology design. With our busy on the go lifestyles, it is increasingly becoming one of the most important features that consumers look for.

Voltaic Systems has taken this idea and made a one of a kind technology design. Based in Brooklyn, New York, Voltaic is the creator of the very first mass marketable solar backpack. This technology design came to the CEO’s attention when he was left phoneless in the middle of Spain due to his battery dying.  Knowing that many people face this issue of everyday, he has made a technology design solution that fixes this inconvenience.  The Solar Backpack comes in three sizes, The Converter (small), The Offgrid (medium), and The Array (large).  The technology design has the solar panel on the outside of the bags so the sun is easily accessible. The panel is connected to a battery pack on the inside of the bag, which is where you connect your devices to charge. All of these are equipped with padded back and shoulder straps, making it very comfortable to wear, even for long periods. The fabric on the bags is made from recycled PET (plastic bottles), making it environmentally friendly, waterproof, lightweight and UV resistant. All the bags, no matter what the size, are visually appealing and have plenty of storage space. Below is a breakdown of the different sizes and their capabilities.

  1. The Converter: Has 3.96 watts at 6 Volts, making it suitable for smartphones (Apple, Android and Blackberry), small tablet devices (7 inches), and digital cameras (GoPro is compatible).  1 hour in the sun = 2 hours of Smartphone use.
  2. The Offgrid: Has 6.15 Watts at 6 Volts, making it suitable for smartphones (Apple, Android and Blackberry), small tablet devices (7 to 10 inches), and digital cameras (GoPro is compatible).  1 hour in the sun = 4 hours of Smartphone use.
  3. The Array: Has 11 watts at 6 or 18 Volts. This model is able to charge smartphones, tablets of any size, digital cameras, DSLRs, and laptops up to 15 inches. 1 hour in the sun = 7 hours of Smartphone use.

MAKO Design + Invent loves Voltaic Systems for their unique and useful product design. Not only is this innovative, but it is helping individuals stay connected everywhere, which is especially useful in an emergency. We cannot wait to see what’s next for Voltaic Systems!

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