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A “Brainy” Plastic Product Design

As our generation progresses, it seems that more and more children are losing the basic human necessity of interaction. While technology and smart devices have brought numerous advantages to our society, they do come with their cons as well. Children are now being brought up with these smart devices as everyday tools, using them for playing games, reading, and learning. While these are useful tools, we seem to have forgotten just how effective good old-fashioned board can be. The issue is that since children are so accustomed to these exciting smart devices, “regular” games and learning tools seem boring. In order to engage children there needs to be something that provides entertainment in a way they haven’t experienced before. “The Brainy3” and its unique plastic product design accomplishes just that.

The Brainy3 has just launched its Kickstarter campaign and it is bound to succeed. This plastic product design is a programmable, screen free gaming system for social play and learning.  Our friend Carolyn Horvath, who is a parent, registered Early Childhood Educator, and an Ontario Certified Teacher, noticed the dependency that children have developed to technological gadgets. With her incredible experience of 20 years in the teaching industry, she is bringing back social interaction amongst kids witha plastic product design that incorporated new age learning and social engagement. With the help of MAKO she was able to bring this idea to life and create a plastic product design that is unlike anything on the market.

How Does This Plastic Product Design Work

The Brainy3 is a simple, user-friendly game that eliminates screen technology and focuses just on tactile, social, face-to-face interaction. Each Cube, which is designed specifically in size to fit into children’s hands, has a corresponding game set. On all 6 sides of the cube, there is a card that represents a certain category. The players then each use the remaining 6 cards given to correspond to the card shown on the cube. There is a number of different game sets available for the Brainy3, including:

  • Numeracy: Adding, Subtracting, Time, Money, & Fractions
  • Science: Animals
  • Patterning: Shapes, Opposites, ABC’s
  • Social: Story Starters, Ice Breakers, Emotions, Music
  • Language: CVC words, Rhyming, Photonics, Grammar, Upper/Lowercase, Grammar

What is so great about this plastic product design is that it is not only teaching children about the important topics listed above, but it also enhances social behaviour and communication. It is so essential for children to have these core competencies and exercise their mind.

MAKO Design + Invent loves what the Brainy3 accomplishes and thanks Carolyn for bringing in this amazing idea! Working on projects that will help the newer generation of leaders is extremely important and we are extremely proud to be apart of it!

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