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A Milky Plastic Product Design

From a young age we have always been told to drink milk. It is a staple in almost everyone’s diet, as it is not only delicious but healthy as well. From drinking to cooking to baking, milk is one of the most used food products on the market. In Canada specifically, a large portion of Milk comes in milk bags. These bags are often sold in packs of 3 or 4, and are financially the best option if you are a large milk consumer or have a big family. These milk bags need a container to be held in. There are numerous milk bag holders on the market but they do not take into account what happens when the milk is poured.  A majority of the time the holders cause the milk to tip over, causing unnecessary spills. They are poorly designed and leave more of a mess than anything. The Milky is a plastic product design that resolves this issue.

This plastic product design has officially launched on Kickstarter and we couldn’t be more excited for our client and friend Joe Jakubic! Having come to us with his extreme frustration over constantly spilling milk, we immediately related to his issue. The Milky was designed with the consumer in mind. It features a sleek red design that holds a one-litre milk bag perfectly. What sets the Milky apart is the clip at the top of the handle. This clip holds the milk bag in place, creating a seamless pour with no tip over. The clip is extremely user friendly but still strong enough to hold the bag in place so no spills will happen. Spilling milk is not only irritating but it can ruin a number of dishes when cooking or baking. The plastic product design in the end saves you time, money and frustration.

The Multiple Benefits of this Plastic Product Design

The Milky gives new meaning to the expression “No use crying over spilled milk”, because there will never be any milk spilt! This plastic product design is lightweight and suitable for both children and adults alike.

MAKO loves taking part in such creative products, especially ones that will provide convenience to thousands of people everywhere. We wish nothing but the best for Joe and The Milky!

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