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A New Industrial Product Design For XBOX

July 14, 2015

Just like every kid today, most adults have dreamt of living in a world that exists in virtual reality at a point in time. Oculus Rift is making this childhood dream a reality by introducing an industrial product design as anew extension to Microsoft’s XBOX gaming console line. The Oculus Rift is partnering with Microsoft to create a new gaming experience with the console. Oculus Rift’s industrial product design is a pair of headset goggles that allow XBOX users to experience virtual reality in first person. The company has been polishing this futuristic product for a while, eliminating all kinds of nauseating pixilation to bring users a full immersive experience. The goggles would not only change the way that we experience the virtual world, but is also a way for gamers to communicate and interact with one another. This partnership will surely be disruptive to the video game industry and may even attract new users from different disciplinary.

As technology becomes more innovative through time, the demand for something that changes the overall experiences of the virtual world is highly anticipated. With this industrial product design, Oculus Rift is simply responding to the masses that are seeking a more captivating experience to change their traditional gaming experience. At this point the headset is still being adjusted and redesigned to perfect the user’s experience.

Features of Oculus Rift’s Industrial Product Design

Oculus Rift has designed a headset that aims to track each user’s movement through a motion detector. The industrial product design has embedded goggles and built in speakers within the headset. The goggles consist of 2 lenses that project 3D display, while allowing user to customize each goggle to their personal comfort. With built in speakers into the headset, the surround sound gives the device its own music and sound, blocking outside noise from entering. In addition to the headset, Oculus Rift has designed “ Touch” which is a haptic controller used to enhance the users experience even further by giving them free mobility. The user can experience grasping and moving motions with their hands in the virtual world, therefore, giving them the same freedom that they have in the real world.

There are limitless possibilities for the Oculus Rift, and anything imaginary can become possible to experience in the alternate world. Games that were made previously for the XBOX can now be played in first person with the headset. The Oculus Rift will be streamed on XBOX using Microsoft 10, the only software that can access the device. The Oculus Rift will have a large impact on how the future human will interact with technology. The potential of this industrial product design is limitless, and seeing the advancement that technology and people can achieve together is breathtaking. MAKO is passionate about industrial product designs that bring us a step further into the future. We love being able to contribute to such disruptive innovations on a daily basis.

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