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GoFish Cam Goes Live on Kickstarter

Much of MAKO’s inspiration comes from the creative ideas that our clients bring to us. We work in partnership with each of our clients to ensure that their project is developed to the highest level of excellence at every single development stage. So when our clients are ready to launch their project to the world, we take pride in the success that they have achieved. MAKO is extremely excited to announce that our friends and clients, Ryan Austin and Brandon Austin, have officially launched their advanced devices: the GoFish Cam on Kickstarter this week.

The GoFish Cam is an advanced device designed to enhance the fishing experience with its many advanced features and entertaining benefits.  The fishing sporting industry is a technologically underserved industry and is desperately in need of innovative technology to help ease the process of the sport.  Anglers are constantly searching to modify and improve their strategy in order to enhance their fishing experience. The GoFish Cam is uniquely designed to sit on and lock into a fishing line to steadily capture up to 150 meters of underwater fishing adventures in HD 1080p. Using such cutting edge technology can allow fishing enthusiasts to finally be able to study the fish’s reaction to bait, while giving them the ability to record the moment of them capturing their trophy bite. Users are then able to edit and share their footage with friends and family across various social media platforms directly from the GoFish App.

Features and Benefits of the GoFish Cam

To capture the highest quality of underwater footage, the advanced devices of GoFish Cam is equipped with a built-in microphone and infrared technology surrounding the 170° wide-angle lens and allowing users to record in minimal light. With its Li-ion battery, users are able to record up to 4 hours of action and easily recharge their battery with a USB port. The footage can be stored to the user’s Micro SD Card for easy management or transferred overwater through Wi-Fi directly to their GoFish APP. This cutting edge design is made to emit its own Wi-Fi signal, automatically picking up a signal when it is at a 40FT range from the user’s phone.

The development of such advanced devices will prove to be extremely beneficial within the fishing industry. MAKO lives to help clients bring such disruptive ideas to life. The passion and devotion we have to our industry comes from the level of dedication and commitment that our clients have to their ideas. We love helping our clients bring their dreams to reality. As a result, their success is always our success!

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